Live delivery + web3.0? Chinese entrepreneurs made “Firework” with a valuation of 750 million US dollars

It can be seen that the establishment time of the platform is concentrated in 2018-2019, and the financing round is concentrated in the seed round or A round, which belongs to the early stage. Among them, the leading player Whatnot is the only platform that has completed the C round of financing, and the $150 million is currently the largest financing among all platforms.

Whatnot has built the platform into a vertical live broadcast platform with obvious characteristics by gathering sellers of trendy figures, collectible cards and other categories. Brands or small and medium-sized sellers provide one more sales channel and become a small and beautiful toC live streaming platform.


It is optimistic about Softbank and IDG

According to crunchbase information. Firework Oman Phone Number conducte a series b financing on may 24. Led by softbank vision 2 fund. With an investment of $150 million. And the company is currently valued at $750 million. After the a round of financing in march last year. Firework was still valued at 230 million. The valuation has grown by more than $500 million in 1 year.

Oman Phone Number
Oman Phone Number

On the whole. Firework provides a sales channel planning service that starts from live broadcast. And is aimed at brands and merchants who are willing to try to improve brand awareness and conversion through live broadcast. The services provided include live technical services at the relative tool level and customized consulting services.

The former. We can roughly see its appearance from firework’s app. The design of the app is very simple. With only shooting and uploading functions. At the bottom left of the screen are the lens flip. Various filters. Shooting buttons. Video upload and live broadcast buttons.


The author did not purchase Firework service, so part of the operation can only be speculate.

Users do not need to register. They can log in directly through email. Facebook. Etc. If the service is purchas. The videos shot in the app will most likely be simultaneously push to various platforms bound by the user. In the live broadcast section. Users can scan the qr code to start the live broadcast or put the live broadcast content in events in advance. And select the content before the broadcast.

There are a total of 21 filters in the app to help users shoot videos. Many of which are well-made ar special effects and have a strong sense of interaction. The author played for more than 20 minutes without paying attention. But a snapchat icon appeared in the lower left corner of the screen. It is speculated that firework uses snapchat’s filters. Readers who know it are welcome to leave a message in the comment area. And the operating space of ar filters is not that large.



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