Capabilities Quantcast Founder Konrad Feldman

Even cooler is that you can upload your own data from your own customers and match it with all logged-in DPG users. Fully anonymized and AVG-proof of course. Yet in this way you can build very relevant look-a-like target groups within the domains of DPG. On top of this platform, they are working on a content-first contextual innovation. The goal is to no longer get terms and keywords from editors that you have to match your targeting to. Smart bots read pages and match the content to your keyword lists. This gives you a better chance of a greater reach, but you can also exclude “dangerous” terms for your brand.

Quantcast Founder Konrad Feldman

Finally, De Persgroep is working on more platforms (including a creation and self-service purchasing platform) with the intention of combining all these resources (and more) under one comprehensive platform: DPG Ads. If you thought we were there already… In the near future, the major publishers Greece WhatsApp Number List will also migrate all these tools to a self-serve platform where you can manage your campaigns yourself. They actually give you every reason to buy directly from them, but then you are in control yourself. The only bad thing is that in addition to your current platforms, you then have another platform with unique possibilities and advertising spaces.

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Founder Konrad Feldman

Worst of all, maybe you’ll have to consider even more in your media strategy, because DPG isn’t alone. If you thought Google & Microsoft are the only ones buying tech and using it, you’re wrong. Azerion, the next tech giant? Azerion is a Dutch developer and publisher of computer games. They mainly earned their money from in-game purchases and the placing of advertisements. In terms of advertising, Azerion saw an opportunity to become a publisher itself. Subsequently, in a short period of time they have grown into an empire with innovative solutions that every (digital) marketing agency in Europe is now able to arm itself with. For example, Azerion has taken over organizations or built integrations with data, tech and creation parties such as Improve Digital, Quantum Advertising, Weborama and Lotame.

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