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This is the default match type in Google Ads when you set up a new campaign. So if your keyword is “women’s hats,” someone searching for “buy women’s hats” or “women’s scarves” might see your ad. When to use broad match? You should use broad match keywords for further keyword discovery and traffic. I mean broad match is not a conversion-focused match type. Due to their nature, you Bulgaria Phone Number receive irrelevant and sometimes costly clicks, which can be mitigated to some extent through the effective use of negative keywords. Broad match is primarily used when the advertiser doesn’t know the relevant search terms/when the advertiser wants to find new search terms to target, or only when the advertiser’s campaign goal is focused on getting clicks or traffic to a website.

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Advantages of Broad Match Highlight potential search terms to target with other match types Reach the widest audience. The easiest targeting match type to set up CPC tends to be cheaper. Drawbacks of Broad Match Often brings irrelevant clicks can be expensive. Conversion rates are often much lower than other match types. Broad Match Modifier (BMM ) This is similar to broad match, but it Bulgaria Phone Number you to maintain more control over where your budget is spent. To create a BMM keyword, you need to prefix the keyword with a + sign. I recommend that you only place this symbol before keywords that most accurately describe your product or service. BMM ensures that your ad only appears on searches that contain the terms you marked with a plus sign (eg +green +sheds) or close variations of these terms.

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For example, if your keyword is +green +sheds, your ad will show for search terms such as. Buy green garden sheds or “sheds that are green for sale”, but not to people searching for that term. People your is the opposite of the Bulgaria Phone Number match shown for that term. The extra level of control that BMM gives you helps you focus your budget on the people you really want to target. When to use BMM? For the same reasons that are valid for broad match keyword types, keyword discovery, or click/traffic focused campaigns. I think BMM is more effective than broad match at helping you find relevant additional keywords to target, in fact, that’s mostly its unofficial purpose in the PPC community.

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