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Internal Linking – A link from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain. Read more: How to Use Internal Linking to Improve Search Engine Rankings Potassium Keywords – Phrases or topics that marketers aim to help France Phone Number or rank for what users are searching for. Keyword Cannibalization – Ranks when multiple pages from the same website are searching for the same keyword. This reduces permissions, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Keyword Stuffing – Over-optimizing web pages for specific search terms. It can also refer to placing multiple keyword phrases on a page, usually in the page footer, mainly to drive search traffic.

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Excessive keyword stuffing techniques include hiding white text on a white background and is sure to be penalized by Google Knowledge Panel – A box that appears to the right or at the top of search results and contains information about France Phone Number products. Lift Landing Page – A landing page is the page that visitors land on after clicking on an organic or paid search engine result. Prospective Client – ​​A potential client asks your company about the services or products you offer. Link Building – The process of trying to get other domains to link to your website, sending a positive signal to Google that your website quality is worth linking. Read more: What Causes “Bad Links” When Building Links for SEO?

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Link Equity A search engine ranking factor based. On the idea that links transfer value and authority from one page to another. Long Tail Keywords – Long tail keywords are longer keyword phrases that searches use to more specifically define their search intent. Long-tail keywords have lower search volume, but may earn higher returns from your visitors if your content satisfies their query. Meter Meta descriptions – HTML tags used to summarize website content. Search engines sometimes use this information in search results to inform visitors about the content of a page. Meta Titles – HTML tags used to define the title of each page of a website . Search engines sometimes use this information in search results to inform visitors about the content of a page. N Negative SEO – see “Black Hat” Nofollow tag – A line of code found in the header section of a web page or in the linked HTML code.

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