Is it divided or combined? The main factors affecting the design of R&D organization

It can be see that the design of the organization is of great significance to the business development. And the development of the enterprise, and it is a typical top-level project. The Is it divided same is true for the R&D system in an enterprise. I wrote an article in the past , which discussed the evolutionary logic of the R&D organization, but the system of organizational management is not one or two. This article can make it clear that today we will conduct a detailed analysis from the dimension of whether the R&D organization is divided or combined.

The purpose of R&D organization design

Before discussing whether the R&D organization is divide or combined, and how to divide and combine, we must first clarify the purpose of the design of the R&D organization:

  1. More conducive to product development!
  2. Better cost savings and improved efficiency!
  3. Better support for rapid business development!
  4. Even better lead enterprise product innovation!

The R&D organization must be design from Afghanistan Phone Number the perspective of enterprise managers and from the perspective of enterprise development. How to be more conducive to the sustainable development of the company is the premise of our follow-up discussion.

Second, understand the organizational design of enterprises

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The R&D system is a part of the enterprise management system. The design of the R&D organization is inseparable from the model and status quo of the enterprise organization. According to the research of Chandler. The western scholar Williamson divides the organizational form of the company’s internal management into U-shaped (monary structure) . H-type (holding structure) and M-type (multiple structure) three basic types.

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