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Assessment ​​Diagnostic or troubleshooting tools are just what people love to be useful. Heatmaps Often use to visualize election results these graphs can. Also be use to illustrate regional differences in other scenarios. Quizzes and Contests The appeal of self-testing has made quizzes. A popular form of content and they can be use on both fun and more serious topics. Offering prizes as part of a Belarus Phone Number or contest is a proven winner in increasing engagement rates for this type of content. VR  Virtual reality has come a long way in a short period of time and is expected to flourish and shape our future in the next few years. The technology is used in many sectors; including gaming, real estate, construction, retail and education.

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Now what’s more exciting than immersing yourself completely in a computer-generated environment, allowing you to see something you couldn’t see otherwise? You nee to be careful not to overcomplicate something that. Think about it in a digital environment, it’s estimat that once a customer is on the page , your attention spans 8 seconds . Setting unnecessary barriers can cost Belarus Phone Number key conversions. If you ask for personal information, make sure it’s explicitly authoriz so people aren’t wary of interacting with your content. What’s in it for the audience? As with any content, you shouldn’t ignore the needs of your audience. Designed to inform or entertain them. Ask yourself another question. Is the content you create useful? Do you have a clear goal to create content that will help you achieve it? Don’t be vague about what you want to achieve.

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Make sure you have a clear goal and think about how your success will be measure. For example, if your tool recommends a product, you can track the sales that are generate. Or, if you want to capture leads, you can track the number of email addresses acquired. Things to consider… If you’re creating your own custom tool from scratch, you’ll also want to consider the potential downsides of Belarus Phone Number in interactivity: Lack of staff and cost – Ion Interactive’s 2017 report, The Symphony of Interactive Content Marketing, identified these two issues as the number one reason why marketers don’t pursue the use of interactive content. Often complex or customized interactive tools often require expensive technical expertise to create, and the lack of these and budget can be daunting.

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