Instagram Algorithm 2021: Keys to Understand It

New year, new 2021 Instagram algorithm? Instagram regularly changes all or parts of its algorithm , and 2021 will be no exception. Understanding the Instagram algorithm is essential to establish a good social media strategy on this platform. But how does the Instagram algorithm work in 2021? Can we know for sure? The answer is no. Those who design it from Facebook do know 100%. The rest of us have to play with it, take advantage of what we have: measure what we do on Instagram . In this article I will tell you the keys to how the Instagram algorithm works in 2021 , and what is to come. How the Instagram algorithm works in 2021 What is an algorithm in social networks.

Algorithm Is the Mechanism by Which the Social Network

Shows one type of publication to some people, and hides others. Many times, especially in social media classes , I am asked if all our fans see what we publish. Of course not. Algorithms all have a premise: if what you publish is not interesting, they don’t see you . But, if what you south korea phone number  share on social networks with your community is interesting from the beginning, you reach more people, you have more reach and, therefore, more potential interaction . Thus, we are going to talk a little about the Instagram algorithm, how it behaves, and how to take advantage of it, what they leave us, this 2021. Keys to understand the Instagram algorithm 2021 Algorithm key 1: who you interact with.

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Your Instagram History Reflects Your Tastes

What interests you the most. Every time you use Instagram, you leave a trail that the algorithm follows to offer you the content that may interest you the most. Well, think about your potential client. If you get him to interact with you more and more, he will see your posts more often. So I recommend you interact more with the accounts you want to attract to yours, in order to have more quality followers on Instagram . Algorithm key 2: look for the most valuable interactions Have you noticed that some posts work better for you than others? In part it is because the interactions they have had are of higher quality for Instagram. Not all of them are worth the same, although it is better to have a few likes than to have nothing.

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