Instagram Algorithm 2019 – How the New Algorithm Works

Instagram changes its algorithm and all brands want to know how it works to get the most out of their Instagram account. For this reason, and as I did in 2018 , I bring you a post about how the 2019 Instagram algorithm works with the new changes . How is the Instagram algorithm? Do you want to know how it works? This is how the Instagram 2019 algorithm works The new Instagram algorithm presents us with a different way of displaying posts for 2019. Instagram currently has not one, but several algorithms together, which affect how users see the posts on this social network born in 2010. What algorithm does Instagram have in 2019? Hacking the Instagram algorithm is not easy, although we can gain organic visibility on Instagram if we know how the new Instagram algorithm works.

Instagram Algorithms for 2019 Edgerank Algorithm

As it happens on Facebook. Instagram displays posts based on one criterion: relevance . There is a relationship between the Facebook algorithm and the Instagram algorithm : the relevance of the content is essential for your post to succeed on Instagram, if it is relevant and interests your turkey mobile number  potential audience, that post will grow organically. Another leg of the Edge Rank algorithm is time : if since I post on my Instagram account, less time passes from the time I post until other users interact, the better to achieve more reach on Instagram . Thus, you have to get users to interact with your publication soon . Hashtag search algorithm Instagram knows which hashtags each user is interested which ones they search for.

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Which Ones They Interact with to Search for Content

Algorithm Hashtags you follow The hashtags you follow are an indicator of the topics that each user is interested in on Instagram. Instagram Stories Algorithm Instagram Stories also has its own specific algorithm. Instagram looks at what Stories you like, Stories from accounts you search for or Stories you interact with with Instgaram Direct. 10 applications for Instagram Stories new Location algorithm Thus, locations on Instagram also determine the visibility and reach of Instagram posts. How to improve the reach of Instagram posts and fight the algorithm Instagram, with the new algorithm, makes it more difficult for us, but we have to try to improve the reach of our publications and grow on Instagram.


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