Inbound Marketing: What Is It and How to Do It?

Prime LIGHT Inbound marketing , or attraction marketing , inverts the logic of sales. Instead of the sales team prospecting from scratch, inbound techniques attract and engage potential customers, making negotiations start hot. In this article we will talk about: Marketing – Meaning The buyer’s journey How inbound marketing works The Inbound Marketing Funnel Marketing Tools Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing Content Marketing Planning Worksheet Marketing – Meaning The translation of marketing is attraction marketing or marketing. This name is given precisely because it inverts the logic of a sales team . In the classic method, known as outbound marketing , the seller must seek out his own opportunities.

Values ​​Attract and Engage a Large Number

Of potential customers, known as leads . Contacts are passed to the person responsible for the negotiation only when they are “ripe” for the sale. Some pillars of inbound are: content marketing, SEO, lead acquisition (registrations), marketing automation and relationship marketing. The buyer’s phone number in cambodia journey To better understand the concept of inbound marketing, you need to start with the simplified buyer journey. Before buying any product, we go through a very common mental process that is much studied by marketers . Its most basic form is: Prime LIGHT Buyer’s Journey in Digital Marketing Traditional sales methods tried to generate awareness in the public via traditional advertising: commercials, flyers, billboards, etc.

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And Direct Communication Via Telemarketing

Emails and points of sale, among others, to go through the consideration and decision phases. This method is slowly losing efficiency for a few reasons: The amount of ads that bombard our minds has increased Increased audience segmentation, with different pains and incentives Lack of public patience with interruptions such as mid-day phone calls Sometimes a potential customer is not ready to receive a sales communication . He’s still in the awareness stage and gets a call trying to sell directly. The company that did this just lost the sale, due to negative marketing done via outage. The buying journey goes something like this: Awareness – “I’m feeling kind of bad.

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