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Google’s inclination towards mobile-friendly websites became evident when it launched the Mobilegeddon update in 2015. Since then, it has rolled out various algorithm updates and Romania Phone Number ranking factors such as mobile-first indexing, mobile site speed, etc., to prove that having a mobile-friendly website is important for Google rankings. On February 24, 2016, Google launched its official Accelerated. In addition, Mobile Pages project and attracted over 1.7 billion sites to upgrade. To AMP pages within a year of the launch. As an open source initiative, Accelerated Mobile Pages allows. Publishers and site owners to create a mobile-optimized page once. Which will load instantly every time a user tries to open it. These pages not only offer super-fast page loading, but also increase on-site dwell time while minimizing bounce rate.

Increases Ranking

A brainchild of Google, any site that wants to rank higher on mobile. Search results pages is recommended to AMP-lify their site. Although not an official ranking factor, many of Google’s algorithms revolve around mobile indexing and website loading speed on mobile. This is a clear indication that Google may soon deploy an algorithm and program its bots to rank sites based on page load speed. This Google AMP project minimizes site recalculations. Moves third-party JSs away from the critical path, and scales AMP JSs asynchronously to increase page load speeds on mobile phones.

Simplified Tracking

Romania Phone Number List
Romania Phone Number List

Coupled with, Mobile friendliness and site speed. Optimizes site visibility on mobile browsers The AMP thunder sign on search results pages distinguishes. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages from the basic results. Users can easily recognize an AMP from other pages and given its fast page loading speed, prefer to open them over other pages. This signal prompts users to click open the AMP page for a better browsing experience. In like manner, For those who want to optimize their visibility on different mobile browsers, getting accelerated mobile pages is the most efficient thing to do. Simplified tracking and analysis Search engine results optimization is all about tracking the behavior of traffic to the site. Accelerated Mobile Pages offers a very simple and streamlined user analytics report to track visitor actions and reactions. One can easily get a detailed report on the number of visitors, returning visitors, link tracking.

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