Igtv: How to Create a Channel and Video Usage Guide on Instagram

What is instagram igtv? Igtv is instagram’s video platform for vertical videos , an opportunity to highlight your business on instagram in a different and very direct way to your target audience. But how to create an igtv channel on instagram? How to upload a video to igtv? We see it in this post what is igtv igtv was born as the instagram television channel to compete with youtube, to upload videos in vertical format between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long (60 minutes for larger accounts). While television consumption falls in the younger audience, they turn to social channels where they can consume and create videos, and instagram is a perfect channel for them.

Thus, You Can Attract the Most Desired Audience

To your brand, the one that potentially consumes the most, also using igtv videos on instagram. The difference with youtube is that here the format is vertical, they are only for uploading vertical videos . Igtv is a different app from instagram, like boomerang or design layout. If someone you follow posts a video, you’ll get a notification of new content so you can watch it if you want. It differs from ukrainian phone number  other applications because: it takes into account the normal use of the phone, which is in a vertical position. It is full screen. The videos exceed the length of one minute of the instagram gallery. It is easy to create and use. You don’t need to search for content on igtv, because instagram shows you related content based on your interests and the content you usually engage with on instagram.

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The Creators Are the Channels

You can upload videos to igtv from mobile and from pc . Instagram igtv features vertical videos of course, you have the option to upload a video horizontally, but the ideal format is vertical. It is for posting vertical videos. Video is an option to create content for social networks of the first order, and they have a lot of reach and interaction. When recording your videos for instagram, keep in mind the two formats: horizontal and vertical, depending on whether you want to share it in the gallery, in the stories or on your instagram television channel. Compete with youtube instagram seeks to maintain the loyalty of the younger audience that consumes a lot of video on other social networks, such as youtube, and that is why it creates igtv to maintain the loyalty of this audience on its platform.

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