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The practice of optimizing pages to help improve rankings and get more traffic. This includes optimizing content and HTML code. Organic Search – The search engine displays paid and non-paid results. Organic traffic is the term used to describe non-paying visitors who found your website using a search query on a search engine. Orphaned Pages – Pages that are not linked El Salvador Phone Number on the website. phosphorus Page Speed ​​- The time it takes for a web page to load. Read more: Google Pages Experience Update Notes PPC (Pay Per Click) – The name of an online advertising method that charges when a user clicks on a text, image, or other media advertisement. PPC ad providers include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Bing. ask Quality content – ​​information Google thinks is worth sharing to answer a searcher’s question.

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Anything that is digestible, fun, or widely shared. Quality Links  Links from high-quality websites that have the following characteristics. Stable traffic,good ranking, provide value to visitors, and are consider an authority in your industry resistance. Redirect Send the user to a different URL than the one they originally requested to log in to. Read more: 301 Redirects: What, Why, and How El Salvador Phone Number Websites. There are no separate versions of the website for mobile, desktop and tablet. A single website version adapts to whatever screen size it is on. Second Schema Structured Data A form of code that helps search engines return informational results to users. Search Intent ​​Also known as “Keyword Intent,” is the name use to describe. The purpose of an online search that helps answer the question of why someone made a particular search.

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Sitemap The blueprint for your website that tells search engines which pages on your site are the most important. SSL Certificate – This stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a security measure for websites when connecting from a web server to a browser. See also “HTTPS” Spider – The name of a computer program created by a search engine to crawl web pages in order to index content, also known as a bot. Status Code – The response code sent from the server when the link is clicke. Common status codes are not found gone 500 Internal. Server Error 503 service unavailable Ton Title you User. Experience (UX) Describes how easy or difficult it is for a visitor to use a website.

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