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Removing uncertainty The relationship has been established. Now it’s time to convince your visitor of your added value in their lives, through authority, social proof and unity. Principle 3. Authority People follow the lead of credible, skilled experts. If someone exudes authority, for example through a doctor’s coat or job title, visitors are also more likely to accept what this person says. How come? It’s in our nature. We tend to obey people who, for example, have more authority or are more successful and well-known than us. That already applies to doing a favor to someone in a uniform.

Channel If Your Target

But also, for example, a doctor who has diplomas hanging on the wall, or taking tips from someone who is an expert in that field. Do you want to apply this principle? Then it is important that you already have Argentina WhatsApp Number List that authority. Like the dentist from the Prodent commercial who is supposedly unaffiliated with Prodent and his ‘expert’ opinion about the toothpaste. It doesn’t matter who gave you that authority. As long as you’re not the one who says you’re brilliant. Authority and marketing automation With marketing automation you can work with dynamic content in emails or on landing pages that you have written or supported by experts from your specific industry.

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If Your Target

You can also combine dynamic CW Leads content with reviews. For example, consider an automated e-mail flow that shows the products someone is looking for, including a quote from the expert to support the products and a rating from other users. Another option is the after sales email. Suppose you work for or own a webshop that sells furniture and accessories. The moment your customer buys a new product, for example a bank, you can have an automated email sent through marketing automation. Depending on the product and of course the delivery time, this e-mail will be sent a number of days after purchase. In the meantime, the customer has not bought anything anymore, but you do want to cross-sell.

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