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If we look at the source code of the women’s cycling parameters page, it contains a self-referencing canonical tag, rather than telling Google that the main women’s cycling page is the one to index. The canonical tab on the women’s bike page should point to the main women’s bike page, but it doesn’t. The Canonical tab on the women’s cycling page was suppos to point to the main Ecuador Phone Number cycling page, but it didn’t. Canonical tags can be set to always reference the main category page on an e-commerce site to avoid indexing issues. Let’s take a look at how to spot problems on your website. The next section will explain how to troubleshoot such problems and how to identify them. 3. How to identify and avoid pitfalls related to URL parameters.

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There are many solutions to ensure that UR parameters do not cause any SEO issues on your website. But before you rush to implement any of the following fixes, you need to check if URL parameters might be causing your website Ecuador Phone Number by asking the following questions: When using search filters on your site (see Faceted Navigation), does the URL change and does the copy stay the same as the copy on the original URL? When using a search filter on your site, does the URL change and the page title and meta description remain the same or contain the same target keywords? If you answered yes to one or both, URL parameters may be hindering your site’s performance in organic search, and it may be time to take action. You can use a website crawler to determine where and how parameters are use on your website. Here is a list of some common tools you can use.

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Screaming Frog SEO Spider crawling tool . The free version allows you to crawl 500 URLs. Paid version allows you to set the crawling user-agent to Google and crawl unlimited URLs Ahrefs Site Audit Tool.  Included as part of a monthly subscription starting at $99/month Deepcrawl. Powerful cloud crawling software for very large e-commerce sites. Canonical label Canonical tags are Ecuador Phone Number to indicate to search engines that certain. Pages should be consider duplicates of a URL, and that any ranking should actually count towards the canonical URL. Canonical label Web developers can set the canonical version of. Apiece of content as the category page URL before applying the filter.

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