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Currently. There is no longer much room for such behavior. If a lead goes through all the stages of the inbound funnel. Little by little. She becomes knowledgeable about her segment and business. Especially when we are talking about it companies. Which demand research and analysis about their tools. Services and products. Therefore. Having an overly imposing approach at the time of sale is no longer in accordance with this new profile and with the inbound methodology itself. When contacting an opportunity.

It is necessary to make it clear that CFO Email List your company is there to understand all the pain and work as a partner for growth. Always make it clear to the customer that they can count on you at all stages. From acquisition to project implementation. 3. Not working together with the marketing and sales department on business pains and challenges does your sales team know the main pains of your leads? Is there a dialogue with the marketing department to understand what are the main challenges to be overcome? If these questions were never in your sights.

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It’s time to stop and reflect on the importance of working together with marketing. Inbound sales is a methodology that only generates results because it is a complete cycle. Ranging from attracting visitors to sales. Therefore. It is essential to listen to what marketing has to say. Align with sales and understand the impacts on business opportunities. 4. Not setting the sla error number 3 and 4 are directly related. The service level agreement is the document that brings together all the commitments to deliver the leads. Objectives and goals to be achieved.

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Both for marketing and sales. Not defining the sla means not solving a historical problem: the differences and disagreements between the marketing and sales teams. Therefore. It is essential to create a document containing the definitions of what a qualified lead is. When it is no longer the responsibility of marketing and what makes it an opportunity for the sales area. In this way. It is possible to see if the two teams are complying with the proposal. According to the analysis of the results at the end of the month/quarter/semester/year.

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Not being aware of the lead’s process history one of the great advantages of digital marketing is being able to take advantage of tools that enable the full monitoring of processes. In practice. This means knowing in depth the behavior of visitors. Leads and potential customers. With marketing automation . For example. You can visualize all the leads’ movements within their buying journey and each conversion moment. When a company is not aware of the lead’s process history. It means that it will not be able to approach it correctly. After all. If you can’t see what content interests you. You can’t understand your pain. Therefore. You won’t know how to offer the right solutions at the time of contact.

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