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According to the study carried out and published by jumpshot . 62.6% of internet searches are done through google. 22.6% are image searches and the rest is divided into other search engines and youtube for example. Which represents 4 .3% of searches. Within the concept of automation . The famous chatbots are present for another year among the best ai solutions for marketing. Whether on facebook or twitter. For example. These communication software are used for better interaction with the online user and bring benefits such as personalized service and the qualification of leads .

Directing the possible R&D Directors Email Lists customer to a certain stage of the sales funnel. And you don’t have to imagine an β€œ a la black mirror ” reality for ai. Just look at simple services like spotify and its playlist suggestions or waze’s restaurant recommendations. Big data in simple translation. Big data means a volume of diverse data that properly treated. Are able to produce insights and assist in decision making. Also called marketing by data. Information provided by mobile devices. Handhelds. Social media.

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News portals and other sources is valuable and reflects a company’s efforts to process data faster. In 2019. It is valid to improve the 5 v’s of big data. Ariety. Speed. Veracity. Value and volume. Always considering the final quality of the information. Data security users are more demanding when it comes to security and the use of collected data. With the rgpd – general data protection regulation . Some precautions were established to ensure the security of information collected by companies such as. Not allowing data collection from children under 16 without authorization from parents or guardians and the right to ” be forgotten”.

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Ethical practices in the process of capturing and processing data have become a requirement in the routine of marketing teams. And may even suffer severe punishments. Keeping the user informed of what data he is providing. How. Where and how it will be processed is essential. In addition to conveying credibility. Trust and transparency. It avoids possible legal problems. Customer experience human beings in general feel the need to differentiate themselves and feel unique and companies need to deliver unique experiences. Cx – customer experience . Promotes loyalty. Highlights the company’s positioning and potentializes possible brand ambassadors or brand lovers.

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Within this customer experience. Omnichannel is a strong ally. That is. All the company’s channels must be connected. Leaving the customer to choose how. Where and when to communicate. When contact channels are interconnected. One complements the other in terms of the consumer experience. Both online and offline. Providing memorable experiences before. During and after purchase is an assertive decision-making to achieve success in the near future that has already begun! Cro also known as conversion marketing or conversion optimization. Cro (which does not mean any super cool new acronym for a linkedin position). Exists with a basic function.

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