How to Use Social Media to Build a Powerful Brand

He’s responsible for more than 30 No. 1 hits, the host of his own Netflix series, and an agent who dominates his own niche in Kazakhstan Phone Number real estate. You’ll learn how Peter positioned himself as an expert, created and dominated a whole new niche, built an incredibly powerful brand, where 90% of his leads come from real estate social media, and most importantly, how he does all of this while having the time of his life. How to Use Social Media to Build a Powerful Brand and a Business You Love with Record Producer Turned Realtor Peter Lorimer Peter has a great story. From leaving home as a young teenager to conquer the music industry to diving headfirst into the real estate industry, determined to become the best salesman in Los Angeles, Peter refuses to take no for an answer.

Into the Future

Peter is one of those who feed on data. He looks at the numbers, performs the calculations and makes decisions based on what the facts tell him. Around 2012, he knew the recording industry was about to make a major shift, so he Kazakhstan Phone Number graciously walked away with his winnings. He saw he was able to buy investment properties in the Los Angeles area for a fraction of what his mother’s house in London wanted, so he gambled it all. When Google was brand new, it recognized innovation and potential – quickly buying stocks as soon as they were available. He was able to do the same for Netflix and Facebook.

Things Differently

Kazakhstan Phone Number List
Kazakhstan Phone Number List

The moment Peter saw social media move from Myspace to Facebook, he knew paper wouldn’t have much to do with his marketing in the future. Customize the Playbook with your custom content plan A very loose formula that Peter uses when planning social media posts is to break it up into thirds. The first third of the content is personal (Puppies and Lattes as Peter puts it.) The second third is related to industry . Things like interior design items, landscaping, and other fun stuff can go here. And the last third is you in your element . For example, a video during an open house or a property inspection. When I talk to real estate professionals, I can sometimes be frustrated.

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