How to Track Affiliate Links in Word Press (the Easy Way)

We are often asked if there is a way to know which affiliates are performing the best? By following affiliate links on your website, you can get information on increasing your income. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can see the number of clicks generated by an affiliate link. It helps you understand the behavior of your users and the effectiveness of your campaigns. However, using Google Analytics is not so simple. If you’re a new user, it can be difficult to navigate Analytics and set up affiliate tracking. But there is an easier way. In this article, we are going to show you how to track affiliate links in WordPress. We will also review a WordPress plugin that you can use to manage your affiliate links on your website. ExactMetrics is the best WordPress Analytics plugin. Raster to Vector Conversion Service Buy it for free! If you have already set up your affiliate links, you can click here to skip straight to the link tracking tutorial.

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Let’s Start… What Are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are URLs that you can use to track the performance of different affiliates on your website. These are links that have a unique ID, also known as an Affiliate ID or Offer ID. The purpose of these identifiers is to help you distinguish between different affiliates and see which performs best. This is what an affiliate link would look like With that, let’s look at the benefits of affiliate link tracking. Why should you follow affiliate links? By collecting affiliate link data, you can gain valuable information that you can use to grow your website and increase your sales. Here’s why affiliate link tracking is important: Identify High Earning Affiliates – You can find out which affiliates are generating a lot of clicks and converting the best, so you can promote them more on your site to maximize profits.

Find New Content Opportunities

When you follow affiliate links, you can also see what type of content is performing the best and bringing you sales, so you can find similar topics and create content around them to promote affiliates. Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns – If you run different affiliate marketing campaigns on your website, affiliate link tracking can help you measure the ROI of each campaign and highlight the top ones. traffic sources. As you can see, tracking affiliate links has many benefits. But what if you have a link on multiple pages and now you need to change the link.

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