How to Take Care of Online Reputation in Social Networks

The Online Reputation in social networks is essential to take care of it . Everything we make public on social networks can be the subject of comments, criticism, questions. The public that sees and reads our publications does not remain impassive before them, but can participate if they want in the conversation that you generate on social networks. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor our online reputation and see what is said about us, who says it, where it is said and how it is said . What is online reputation in social networks Having a good presence on social networks requires monitoring our online reputation. T he Online Reputation in social networks is the image that others have of us.

Those Who Follow Us on Networks

Those who comment on posts, those who criticize, those who share the digital content we create. Digital Identity Thus, it differs from the Digital Identity , which is the image that we project of ourselves, of our personal brand or our business on social networks. Digital identity encompasses: 1- What saudi phone number we are. 2- Essential features. 3- Our values. An example of a digital identity would be the Ikea digital identity. Generally, they appear in the section of the web that says something similar to «About Me», «Who We Are, «About Us» : In this case, Ikea is defined as “There is much more to IKEA than just our low-priced furniture. From our responsible sourcing of cotton and wood to our stance on human rights, to how we work at IKEA and our approach to democratic design.

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Therefore, Ikea Considers in Its Digital

Identity that it is a “responsible”, “democratic” and “low-priced” brand. There is more on his website, which I invite you to investigate. Each brand defines its digital identity. But beware, because the Digital Identity does not always coincide. With the Online Reputation that a brand has on social networks. What one thinks of oneself is not the same as the perception that others have of us. Online Reputation Online Reputation in social networks is the opinion or consideration in which someone or something is held, prestige . If we take care of our online reputation, our brand on social networks benefits from: 1- We generate trust in our community on social networks.

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