How to Start in Social Networks from Scratch?

There are many businesses that do not have an online presence. They do not have social networks . Starting in social networks from scratch, without having a social media presence before, should not be done lightly. The best time to design a social media strategy from scratch is now. Surely if you have ventured, you have started to open profiles on social networks , by imitation, out of curiosity, without knowing for what purpose you are going to use them or what content you are going to share on social networks. And that is a mistake. We are going to see the steps to start in social networks from the beginning, without having social networks . What do I do then? What if I already have some profiles but I don’t know how to use them?

Purpose of Social Networks Social Networks

Are for sharing moments between people . Some time ago, profiles for companies were opened on social networks. And that’s where we can be. But first, you have to know their purpose, what social networks are for . Social networks serve to connect our target audience with our brand , so that they singapore phone number  participate in what we are and what we do, to create a solid social media community that interacts with us. How many brands do you see on social networks that have hardly any interaction and have many fans? Because if the followers you are getting are not relevant, it translates into low interaction, low engagement , and therefore, a poor community on social networks, which will not buy your products or services.

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Use of Social Networks in to Start in Social Networks

From scratch Objectives: what do we want to achieve? As we have said before, many brands have an online presence on social networks without really knowing why they are on one social network and why they are not on another. There are many social networks, but we only have to be in those in which we have a real interest in relation to several criteria, which we will see later. The first thing to start in social networks is to set some goals. Social media goals have to be SMART. SMART goals mean that the goals we set for ourselves have to be specific (concrete), measurable (with social media analytics tools), achievable (that can be achieved), realistic (not setting higher goals than we can achieve ).

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