How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics (the Easy Way)

Are you looking for a way to track eCommerce conversions or form conversions on your WordPress website? If so, you will need to set up goals in Google Analytics. However, setting goals can be tricky, especially if you’re new to analytics. You need to be an expert to get familiar with analytics and make sure your tracking is working properly. This is where ExactMetrics can help. You don’t have to do any manual setup, as it automatically tracks conversions on your site and shows reports in your WordPress dashboard. In this article. Image Manipulation Service we’ll show you how to set up goals in Google Analytics using ExactMetrics. We’ll also walk through the manual process of creating goals in Analytics.

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Exact Metrics Is the Best Word Press Analytics

Buy it for free! But first… What are Google Analytics goals? Simply put, goals measure any activity a user performs on your website and are called conversions. For example, goals can be anything like people buying products on your e-commerce store, submitting forms, watching videos on your site, or downloading files. You can add goals to specific pages on your website and measure how long they stay on the page, what activities they perform, and more. For each goal, you can even assign a monetary value, so you know how much money you’ve earned when a goal is met.

And when it comes to selecting lenses, you can choose from 4 types:Destination: These are goals when a visitor loads a specific page and are useful when you want to track page views as conversions. Duration: If you want to know how long a user spends on your website, you can select the duration goal type.

Pages/screens per Session: Using This Goal Type

you can track the number of pages a visitor views on your website and treat them as a conversion. Event: To track activities performed by your visitors, such as button clicks, product purchases, e-book downloads, or form submissions, you can use the event goal type. Google Analytics also offers Smart Goals, which provide another method of tracking. Smart Goals are useful if you’re running Google Ads. They use machine learning and automatically rate visits to your website. Each visit receives a score and the best visits are used as smart goals. You can also consult our guide on how Google Analytics works.

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