How to Organize Work in Social Networks as a Community Manager

If you are a community manager , for your work to work you have to know how to organize work in social networks in the best way. If you are a digital business and you run your own social networks, or you are just starting out as a community manager , I will give you some tips to be more effective in organizing your functions and tasks as a social network manager. Working in social networks is not easy , it is not learned in two afternoons. They are years of improving work guidelines to be more effective, and get the same job done in the shortest time possible. How to plan my work in social networks? How to organize that work?

The Key Is to Save Time in the Organization of Work

With social networks, while improving the efficiency in managing them. Keys to organize work in social networks Classify your tasks by level of concentration 1- Medium tasks: to do them while your brain and ability to concentrate on the organization of work starts up. You warm up, you get singapore phone number example  into flour, and when you realize it, you’re on your way to the moment of maximum concentration. 2- Tasks of maximum concentration: once the working day has started with those average tasks. Now, it’s time for maximum concentration tasks. You are at your peak, you notice that everything costs you less, and it is the best time to tackle the most complicated tasks and that you have spent more time in your work in social networks.

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Most Affordable When Your Concentration Drops

Your mind wanders more often, you have to do them last, since you advance work in your network organization, and it does not require you to be 100 % concentration. They are systematic tasks that you do regularly. Organize your work by days Thus, we have seen how to organize ourselves within the same day in terms of the tasks as community manager of our networks. Well, it’s time to organize the work by days of the week. Not every day is as lively. For me, for example, starting the week every Monday is very difficult for me, after the weekend. I put the most important tasks from Tuesday to Friday . And because of my family schedule and work organization with the little ones, Thursdays and Fridays are very good for me.

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