How to Open an Mei? See the Detailed Step by Step

How to open a mei prime light see also: all about mei – individual microentrepreneur what is mei? Mei is the acronym for micro and individual entrepreneur . It is an individual who wants to act as a company, in order to have the benefits of a legal entity, such as issuing nf’s and having special lines of credit. Read more in the post about the advantages of becoming mei . After discovering these advantages, you decide you want to become one. But where to start, how to make a mei registration? Billing control worksheet for mei how to open an mei? With the decision made to open a mei, now you just need to register and create your cnpj. This process takes no more than 10 minutes if you have all your documents separate.

 Get Started, You Must Access the Entrepreneur Portal

In it, in addition to creating your mei registration, you can also issue the das payment slips (the mandatory tax that must be paid every month), make the annual declaration of income and change your data. A tip: add this link to your favorites, so you never miss it. It will be very useful in your phone numbers in canada  mei life. Step by step on how to open a mei step 1 – starting your registration after accessing the entrepreneur portal , you must click on this green button: prime light how to open a mei before starting your registration, have your main documents in hand : identity, cpf, ir receipt (if applicable), voter registration and proof of residence. How to apply for mei the first information you will enter is your cpf and your date of birth.

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After Entering This Data, the System Will Ask

For another document number.  If you are exempt from ir or do not declare.  Voter title 2) if you declare ir  ir receipt number after entering this data.  You will be taken to a new registration screen. Step 2 – general information how to open mei because of your cpf . Your voter registration or ir information, your main data should already in at the top of the screen. Check to see if they are correct and go to the registration screen below: in it you will need to enter some remaining personal information, such as the rg number of your identity card and some contact information, such as telephone (you can enter your cell phone number) or email. In this same section of the register, it is necessary to register a fantasy name for your company and insert the social capital.

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