How to Master Your Real Estate Tracking With Gary

As they say, fortune is in the follow-up. Gary Boomer shine and Robert Syfert mastered it. From flipping properties, offering turnkey rentals, and creating some of the most robust software, these guys have done it all. Today, we’ll learn about Benin Phone Number their scripts, streaks, and how creating good habits has improved all aspects of their lives. If you have trouble converting the leads you bring, this episode of the Carrot cast is for you! Be sure to subscribe to receive the Carrot Cast every week! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Google Play Subscribe on Spotify I have known Gary and Robert for several years and have seen their businesses grow and evolve. They have now teamed up to create a host of solutions for investors and agents using their amazing software.

The Art of Follow

What if Michael Jordan resigns? What if Bill Gates was discouraged by everyone who said no, that he had just given up? So many people fail to follow when they are so close to getting the gold. For investors, tracking comes in tracking. You can’t contact a person once or twice and expect a sale. Many people you talk to won’t be ready to sell the first time you talk to them. In fact, most sales happen after the 6th contact or later. Gary and Robert use a very specific tracking sequence. They do what works for them, but you’ll need to set up a follow-up sequence that suits your business and personality.

Shake the Skeletons

Benin Phone Number List
Benin Phone Number List

Above all, it is important to be authentic. They will use all three methods for the first two days, then sow a little. If there is no response, they follow up with direct mail. Everything is massively sequenced and set up in advance. It’s the only way to be consistent that is the most important part of the process. Remember, there’s a 90% chance you won’t close the deal on the first call. Tracking is the only way to close the deals you want. And keep in mind that it costs ten times more to generate the lead than all of your followings combined.

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