How to Manage Your Calls and Telemarketing

The telephone is still the largest means of direct communication between companies. Despite the growing use of email, whatsapp and social networks, making calls is essential in sales, service, billing and support processes, especially for service providers. The most important thing when dealing with calls, whether they are for telemarketing or collection, is to keep a history of who has already been approached and follow up on who still needs to receive that call. This optimizes results and avoids the embarrassment of calling the same customer twice. To help this type of company, we have developed an excel spreadsheet to control calls of all types. Below are some product features. Customer registration of course, the first configuration necessary to use this type of spreadsheet is to ensure that it has the database of all your customers with their respective contacts!

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Call registration and control next, you will enter the heart of the spreadsheet and will launch all the calls that are being made, defining the customer, the person responsible for the call, the purpose of the call and its status. Call registration and control 3. Overview of effectiveness finally, automatically compiling data from records and controls, the spreadsheet will generate an overview of the number of calls phone lists for sale  made and their success rate! Overview did you like this spreadsheet? Download the demo version of the call control worksheet here! Marketing: what it is, its types and everything you need to know per filippo ghermandi- 09/28/20171523103 marketing – text after advertising – marketing is the management competence that consists of creating and delivering value to a target audience.

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Increasing the Performance of a Brand

Its strategies mix art and science in the search to satisfy unmet needs.  And desires of the market, making companies grow and increase their sales. See this article: marketing – meaning and objectives brief history of marketing the pillars of marketing.  Different types of marketing more marketing articles see also. Powerpoint template ready to make a memorable marketing plan presentation ! Marketing: what it is, its types and everything you need to know 1 marketing – meaning and objectives. The word marketing is english and began to be used in portuguese without translation. Unlike other competencies of business administration. The literal translation derives from “merchandise”, which says a lot about the term. Market means market, therefore marketing can be understood as using the market or developing the market.

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