How to Issue an Invoice being MEI?

Prime light see also: all about mei – individual microentrepreneur one of the advantages of becoming mei is precisely the possibility of issuing invoices to your customers, since you have a cnpj and have become a legal entity. An important note: mei is not obliged to issue invoices to end customers who are not legal entities. That is, the issuance of nf is only mandatory for pj’s customers. However, issuing an invoice is not something you have automatic access to as soon as you create your registration as mei. It is necessary to do some steps before issuing your first nf’s. Types of invoice for mei before issuing an invoice, it is necessary to understand the various types that exist.

Are They Single Invoice Not All States Allow This Modality

but it is the most suitable for those who are mei. You will only need to go to the sefaz of your state and make the request for the issuance of the nf. More details will be explained below. Prime light electronic single invoice : it works in the same way as the normal single invoice, except that it is phone number lists  not necessary to issue the receipt of invoices, and the issuance process is entirely online. Electronic invoice : the mei, although not required, can also issue electronic invoices. In this case, he will have to meet the same requirements as a company that is not mei, which may end up generating some tax charges. Some municipalities, however, give exemption for mei’s to issue nf-e. Consumer sales invoice : this is the invoice used when selling a product directly to the customer.

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To Print This Type of Nota Fiscal in a Printing Company

It is also necessary to have the same document required to issue the single nota fiscal. How to issue invoices as mei? The first step is to look for the secretary of finance (sefaz) in your municipality. At sefaz you will need to obtain an authorization for printing tax documents (aidf). With this authorization, you can either issue invoices (for single invoices or consumer sales invoices) or request the issuance of an nf-e at the city hall of your municipality. Depending on your state and municipality, this entire process can be done online very quickly. Generally, when this occurs, it will be displayed on the sefaz page itself. An important note: not all states and municipalities provide the issuance of electronic invoices for mei.

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