How to Generate 7 Figures on Your Carrot

I reached out to Ryan Dossey for an interview because first, he’s been a Carrot member since 2014 (long enough that he can’t remember exactly when he joined) and, more importantly, because he is an extremely successful Namibia Phone Number entrepreneur and real estate investor. He has been mentioned and/or quoted in Forbes, Time, Money, Entrepreneur and Yahoo Finance. Over the past 18 months, his company, Christopher Ellyn Homes (which does a bit of everything — wholesale, flip, and buy-and-hold) has acquired $8.8 million in rent. He is also the founder of Call Porter and Ballpoint Marketing.

Get a Carrot Site

In 2012, Ryan was just beginning to invest in real estate. And the first site he created for his business was hosted on Lead Propeller – one of our competitors that many of you are probably familiar with. But eventually, Ryan got tired of the painfully low conversion rates and moved to Carrot. Specifically, his Lead Propeller site suffered from a 1% or 2% conversion rate. His Carrot site now has a conversion rate of around 11%. He gets a lot more leads. And thanks to this, he is able to create a sustainable business with a flow of leads and predictable income.

Customize Your Carrot Site

Namibia Phone Number List
Namibia Phone Number List

Even when sending out direct mail, Ryan says, “It’s my website that builds credibility when people try to find out more about my business. If I didn’t have a trustworthy site that loads fast and looks like a million bucks and converts well , then my business wouldn’t be as profitable as it is today – plain and simple. Which begs the question: does your site do all of these things? If not, you might consider getting a Carrot site. Our sites load even faster than Google and we are constantly optimizing the technology stack, SEO and design. To quote Ryan again,

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