How to Fix Google Ads Limited by Budget Status

If your real estate Google Ads campaign receives a “limited by budget” rating, you’re probably asking yourself a few questions: Should I trust Google? Are they just trying to get more money from me? What can I do? Is Google Ads worth it Azerbaijan Phone Number on a limited budget? If your budget is limited, you probably won’t get as many clicks as you could if you had more resources. Here is an actual comparison of a Google Ads account for motivated sellers who reduced their budget from $55.92 per day to $16.67 per day.

Limited by Budget

The Google Ads support guide says that your campaign status is “Limited by budget” means: “A campaign status that is used when your average daily budget is less than the recommended amount. When this happens, ads don’t consistently run as often as they could.” Simply put, if your keywords and bids can spend more than your daily budget limit, you’re going to get this message. To see what Google recommends for your daily budget, you can click on the bar chart icon “Eligible (Limited) Limited by budget”. You will see a graph like the one below. This can help you understand how much you are limiting your account and what a new budget might mean.

Constrained Google

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What happens when your real estate campaigns are limit by their budget? Your ad impressions will be lower. Being limit by budget will impact how often your ads can run throughout the day. If you run out of budget early in the day, you’ll have data that doesn’t necessarily represent the health of the campaign. Your ads will not receive as many clicks. If your ads aren’t generating impressions, it’s obvious that your clicks will decrease. In the example above, you can sometimes see a big drop even in 14 days. We’ve asked “isn’t it a good thing to have fewer clicks?” which means that “bad” clicks are eliminate. This is simply not the case.

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