How to Evaluate Your Hr Actions

The reason for the existence of human resources areas in companies can be summarized in the following sentence: “making sure the right people are in the right places.” from this great objective, the main processes that are managed by those responsible for people within a company are broken down: a) recruitment and selection: it all starts with hiring well. B) training and development: providing the necessary tools for development c) motivation and career: creating a clear path for growth each of these major areas has its own metrics and methods that can help you understand if your company is actually achieving better people management results. So let’s look at each of them.

It All Starts with Recruitment and Selection

Because if you’re hiring the wrong people for the wrong positions, everything else will suffer. Within recruitment and selection, there are 3 big metrics that will tell you if your actions are being successful in this area. Prime LIGHT a) Quantitative Process Control: This is the most phone numbers in jordan basic point of all that many HR areas quickly lose control of. You need to know at any time information such as: i) How many vacancies are open? ii) How many candidates do I have for each vacancy? iii) At which stage of the process is each candidate? iv) What is my deadline to close the vacancy? In this regard, a good management tool can help you a lot. Of course, each company of each size will have something more suitable.

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Map your Competencies: Competency management is the best way for you to guarantee quality in your selection process. For each position in your company, you should know exactly what you are looking for in employees. Competencies are divided into three areas: Knowledge: Competencies related to necessary knowledge, the technical knowledge required to perform a certain function. Skill: It is the ability to put into practice performing an act or function, usually requiring a combination of practice with the knowledge necessary to perform the expected action. Attitude: Related to competencies necessary for relationships between other people.  In the company and also related to feelings and emotions. And mastery over these functions.

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