How to Buy 1-3 Properties Per Month

Just a few years ago, Tyler Ford was ready to give up the real estate business. Exhausted from chasing leads and tired of competition, he needed a change. Fast forward to today, Tyler has developed a proven formula that he uses to Chile Phone Number buy 1-3 properties per month , without spending a dime on direct mail, bandit boards or hunting for deals on the MLS. Find out the exact formula Tyler uses to crush her as an agent and investor in this episode. Be sure to subscribe to receive the Carrot Cast every week! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Google Play Subscribe on Spotify I’m so excited to have Tyler Ford back with us.

Big Players Started

For years, Tyler was able to get deals done, but when the big players started coming to Tucson, he had to think of a way to stay competitive. It didn’t have the budget to stay competitive with its outbound marketing. Running a big direct mail campaign. Putting up bandit signs and spending time cold calling isn’t what Tyler wanted to do. He realized that if he created permanent high quality content, it would be useful to his ideal client, prospects would come to him. People would be sold on him even before an offer was made.

Mention in This Episode

Chile Phone Number List
Chile Phone Number List

When the competition grew in his field, he stepped back revamp. His website and created the content to make him the authority in his market. For Tyler, success is defined by time and flexibility. It’s so easy to hear people say they make 10, 15, 20 trades a month and then strive to do it yourself. This is how people burn out, which often leads them to give up. Tyler doesn’t want to be the biggest in his market. Tyler is more than happy to make 1-3 trades a month – that’s what he decided to do. He will earn between $12 and $50,000 per trade, which allowed him to reach his freedom number. He was able to generate enough consistent income from his investment portfolio that he is now able to have that flexibility we all crave.

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