How to Be a Freelance Community Manager and Not Die Trying

In the classes the question arises: how to be a freelance community manager? it’s possible? How to survive among Digital Marketing agencies? Being a freelance community manager in itself is not an easy task, in fact it is part of my work with Social Media Consulting . If you add to that the tasks of a social network manager, it is more difficult, but not impossible. A freelance community manager has to do more than an agency community manager, since they also look for clients to work with on social networks, make social media proposals , manage their finances, etc. Being a community manager has many job opportunities within Online Marketing, but not all marketing professionals could do it. Many ask me how to be a freelance community manager and not die trying. Are you on your cell phone all day?

Do You Tweet All the Time?

How to disconnect from the work of community manager? The answer is yes you can, and for this I will give you some tips as a freelancer on social media in case they are useful to you. Being a freelance community manager and surviving in the digital jungle The digital jungle has the sense sweden phone format  that there are many possibilities to start working as a community manager , get paid well for it, but there is also a lot of competition to run a brand’s social networks . You have to like social networks It looks like a drawer, but it is not. Many people take a community manager course or an Online Marketing Master’s degree without liking what is done there, just to have more professional opportunities . And that is a big mistake.

sweden phone format

Intensive Courses, Like the Ones I Mentioned Above

are excellent, but if you don’t have a vocation, don’t do them, neither those nor any. Think that you have to spend a lot of time on social networks, managing, monitoring, commenting, and if you don’t like them, you’re going to have a very bad time. And if you have a vocation, you like them, then yes, go ahead, the community manager training has to be the best that your pocket can afford. Identify your typical customer Not all Digital Marketing professionals, and community management, address the same type of audience. To start freelancing in social networks , you have to be clear about which ideal client you are going to target. What they are looking for, what they comment on, what concerns them, and then you offer them the content that responds to those needs, to attract them to you.

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