How to Add Google Analytics to Your Word Press Site

Want to know how your visitors interact with your website? With the help of Google Analytics, you can see how people find your site, what posts they like, and what device they use to view your site. But when it comes to setting up Google Analytics, it’s not straightforward. To set up Analytics correctly, you need to understand coding. This can be tricky, especially for new users. However, there is an easier way, thanks to ExactMetrics. It is the best premium WordPress Analytics plugin that allows you to set up Google Analytics without any coding. Logo Designs service In this article, we’ll walk you through how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site using ExactMetrics.

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Exact Metrics Is the Best Word Press Analytics Plugin.

Buy it for free! Ready? Let’s dive right into it… Step 1: Log in to your Google account The first step is to create an account on Google if you don’t already have one. To get started, go to the Google Analytics website, then click Get started for free or Sign in to Analytics located in the top right corner. connect to GA for configuration You can now enter your existing Google email address or phone number to sign in. On the other hand, you can click Create Account to create a new account. create-an-account-for-ga Step 2: Create a Google Analytics accountOnce logged into your Google account, the next step is to sign up for Google Analytics. Click Register to begin. create a ga account Now enter an account name for your Google Analytics account.

Make Sure You Have Checked All the Options Listed

under Account Data Sharing Settings. Next, scroll down and click Next . enter-the-account-name-for-ga Next, you will need to select what you want to measure. Since you want to track the performance of your WordPress website, select the Web option and click Next . what do you want to measure The third step in creating a Google Analytics account is to provide your website details. Enter the name of your WordPress site, its URL, which sector does it belong to as well, and a reporting time zone. website details Once you’ve entered the information, click Create . A pop-up should now appear containing the Google Analytics Terms of Service. Review the Terms of Service, then check the box for the Data Processing Terms and the Metering Controller Data Protection Terms. Then scroll down and click I Agree . legal-agreements-when-registering-ga

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