How Tiktok for Real Estate Became a Legit

Every now and then, a new social media platform outshines existing platforms and makes its way into the digital universe. That’s what TikTok for real estate did. The platform was launched in 2016 and now has over 1 billion monthly UAE Phone Number active users who open the app an average of 8 timers per day and spend an average of 52 minutes per day scrolling. But what is TikTok, exactly? And how can this benefit you if you are a real estate agent? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this guide – we’ll give a quick debrief on what TikTok is and how it works, we’ll explain why you might consider using TikTok, we’ll give you other agents and investors to follow (for inspiration). Then we’ll end with 10 tips.

Tiktok Review for Real Estate

You may have heard that TikTok is a platform full of young people dancing – but while there’s a good deal of dancing (don’t say we didn’t warn you) there’s also a lot of value-driven content on a variety of topics, including real estate . TikTok content comes in the form of short videos ranging from 15 seconds to three minutes. These videos can be funny, engaging, sad or harsh. As soon as you land on the platform, the videos start appearing, you start watching, scroll down to see more, and say goodbye to any delayed gratification you had left in the tank. Kidding aside, or maybe not, here are some examples of different popular TikTok videos of 2021.

Real Estate Agents

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UAE Phone Number List

They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. But the easiest way to understand the platform is to try it out for yourself – you can get a free account here. Alright, so the “million dollar” TikTok videos are pretty silly. But there is also a substantial TikTok “market” for real estate. We’ll look at many more examples in the rest of this guide, but the point right now is twofold: TikTok is super popular TikTok is great for real estate agents If you still need more convincing on this 2nd point, keep reading. Why should real estate agents use TikTok? We have seen that TikTok is popular. But popular does not necessarily mean profitable .

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