How Much to Post on Social Media? Keys to Publish Well on Social Media

A frequently asked question in training is knowing how much to post on social networks . Choosing the right posting pace isn’t easy if you don’t know how to determine that best timing professionally. Attention, choosing the best time to post on social networks is useless if the associated content, the message, the strategy, is not the best for your business within digital marketing . How many times a day do you post on social networks? I have to improve my reach and my interactions in my posts, would it help to publish more? Or do I have to slow down and post less ? We see it How many times to post on social networks How much to post on social networks: previous general principle First of all, you have to know that not all social networks are the same. Each social network has its characteristics.

For What Are the Social Network Good For?

That is the question. The answer is that each one serves to attract a type of public. In your case, you have to do a social media audit and a social media plan first to determine which social networks are better to be on, and which ones are not. This is part of my job as a social media consultant swedish phone numbers or social media consultant. Determine with strategy in which social networks to be present, by the public, the objectives and the possibilities of action and available resources. How much to post on Facebook Facebook is a network where you don’t need to post every day , far from it. Many times I am asked that if you don’t post every day, your audience doesn’t see you. And it is the opposite.

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If You Post a Lot, They Will Stop Following

You because they are tired, because they continually bombard you with your stuff. People have many other things to do. The ideal is to determine how many times to post on Facebook. My recommendation is not to post more than 2 or 3 times a week . How much to post on Instagram Always according to the case, since each brand is a world in itself, on Instagram we can publish more content than on Facebook. Mainly because of the enormous possibilities that Instagram has to scale your business . We have the possibility of posting on the wall, in the gallery, but also in stories, reels, direct messages or IGTV. In the case of Instagram, I recommend: 1- Post 1 to 3 times in the gallery if the brand has a loyal community. 2- Post between 3 and 5 times if you are contracting your community.

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