How Make a Good Video for Youtube

What does a good YouTube video have to have ? How to create a good video for your YouTube channel? If you are going to start editing videos on this channel, know that it is an excellent place to host content and position it. YouTube , which belongs to Google, is the second largest search engine in the world, just behind Google’s own search engine. In fact, many young people already search only on YouTube for what interests them. Most young people, under 40 years old, only search for content on YouTube and skip the Google search, so it is a good idea to position yourself on YouTube with your videos. For this you have to have a knowledge of how YouTube works , and how the parts of the video are to get the most out of it.

Thus, We Are Going to See Step by Step

How to build a YouTube video , and what elements you have to take into account so that it works later on the YouTube channel, and that, with the help of the positioning that you are doing, it will also be positioned, not only the videos, but the YouTube channel itself. You will see how portugal phone number free  some of their videos, as you publish, are positioned better than others. Those spearhead videos have to be the best on your channel, the most important, and from there the YouTube channel will be able to gain subscribers on a regular basis. Music Copyright on Youtube How can I make a good video for Youtube We are going to see the structure of a video step by step, what elements you have to take into account to make a good video for YouTube from scratch .

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We Start Plan What Videos You Are Going to Make

The important thing is to have a clear idea. It happens like in journalism, when we tell a story.  We have a summary of it and then we develop it in a newspaper.  For example, or on the radio or on television, in a pyramidal way. Thus, we are going to tell the most important thing at the beginning.  We are developing it, and we end with a conclusion that links with the idea of ​​the initial video. It is important that you plan what videos you want to make before making any for your YouTube channel. What is the content that your audience is looking.  For and about which you can talk? From there, you make a small summary of each of those videos that you want to position, so that when you get down to it.

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