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The COVID-19 crisis affects us all in one way or another. So I wanted to dive into the Portugal Phone Number data we have in our system with over 10,000 investor and realtor websites. What data are we currently seeing and how has lead flow been impacted by COVID-19 for real estate buyers and sellers? New Data Showing Increase in Conversion Rate New search There has been a definite shift towards new lead generation and how our members have acquired them over the past two months during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to our Google Analytics data, comparing April and May to June and July, there was a 10.92% increase in conversion rate.

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I opened our own Google Analytics account which is a master account for all of our member websites that generate top rankings in Google for motivated home sellers. So we have crazy, crazy data on all the major markets in the country. The first thing to notice is a report from March 1 until the time I dive into this data, which is April 7. First, we’ve reported this data in the past, Monday is usually the hottest time when your sellers and buyers go online to research. Monday and Tuesday have the highest demand for searches.

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Portugal Phone Number List
Portugal Phone Number List

Now here’s something we saw as soon as the stay-at-home order took place in most cities across the country in early to mid-March. From March 1 to April 7. On the right, sessions are “visits to our member sites” by sellers and buyers. Only notice a drop of about 10% for a few weeks, then it was back to normal numbers on April 1st. On the left is the conversion rate on that traffic. While the traffic has essentially stayed the same …buyers and sellers are STILL looking for solutions. Some of them are not submitting their details because they don’t know how to buy or sell during the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

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