How an Ecommerce Dashboard Can Help Your Online Store

Doing business and selling products online has grown in the last 10 years both as an option for companies and individuals who have some specific knowledge and want to earn extra income. Currently, it is very simple to create an online store, there are dozens of services that make it easy to buy domains, install the store and receive money online. However, anyone who has ever made money online knows that this is only a small part of the equation. Just putting your store online is like throwing a needle in a haystack. It’s no use for her to be there if no one can easily find her, understand her offer and buy without fear or stress. Selling online means attracting specific audiences, through different channels, at an acceptable cost that generates conversions.

At Luz, We Are Specialists in Online Sales

Also in creating excel spreadsheets. That’s why we created an e-commerce dashboard that contains all the metrics you should know and follow to be successful in your online store! In this post, I’ll show you some of its features and how it can help you. 1. General and Media Sales Funnel The phone numbers germany first, main and essential vision of an online store is its sales funnel! Typically, the general structure is to count visits, registrations, sales and revenue. From this, you will take the conversion of each of the steps, as well as total revenue and average ticket. – Text after advertising – This is an excellent start, but it is also necessary to understand the performance of each medium in order to understand which one is helping the most or the least.

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All of This Data Can Be Found in Google Analytics

It’s better to be viewed and manipulated in a spreadsheet! sales-funnel-of-an-ecommerce 2. ROI by Media One benefit of selling online is that you can calculate your return on investment (ROI) much more accurately. Therefore, the detailed analysis of the investment in each of its initiatives and its return is the soul of the business. roi-by-media 3. General Dashboard With all the data filled in correctly, the spreadsheet will generate a dashboard month by month with the most important data on your store’s performance. Including not only marketing performance, but also financial data including expenses, size and growth of the subscriber base. dashboard-general-ecommerce.

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