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Prime LIGHT In recent years, Mercado Livre has become one of the main sites for buying and selling products in Brazil. Founded in Argentina in August 1999, it arrived in Brazil soon after in October of the same year. It is an excellent option for individuals, as well as companies that want to sell used or new products, without having to create their own website and worry about all the maintenance and marketing. Today, you can insert ads for the most diverse types of products for free and, if you want, pay, within the platform itself, to promote within the site. For those who are entering the world of online sales, it is the ideal gateway.

Prime Light Free-Market-First-Step

Second Step Soon after, you will see a screen asking if you are new or if you already have an account, if it is your first time on the site, click on “I am New”. This will activate the direct ad registration process! free-market-second-step 3. Third Step When selecting the type of ad as shown in the image above, you will need to name your product. After confirming the name, you will need to categorize it into a few phone number leads  levels: free-market-step-third 4. Fourth Step You will then enter the full product description screen. You’ll be able to put color options, sizes, insert photos and more! free-market-fourth-step 5. Fifth Step After filling in all descriptions applicable to your product, you will define the type of sale.

phone number leads

Some Products Are Mandatory Fixed Price

While others can also be made in the auction model! In both cases, you must set the price. free market registration 6. Sixth Step Next, you must choose the type of ad. Each option will vary the commission that MercadoLibre will receive AFTER the sale. how to advertise on the free market step six 7. Seventh Step Finally, just fill in the details to create your account and your ad will be published! how to advertise on the free market step seven Did this post help? How is your experience using the free market to sell? Leave your comment! In this post, I’ll show you how simple it is to register a product on it! First Step As soon as you enter the free market website, you will see in the upper right corner a striking link to “Sell”.

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