House Flips to Multi-million Dollar Projects

Just 2 years ago, Aaron was casually flipping houses and Krista was involved in network marketing. Today, Aaron and Krista are a real El Salvador Phone Number estate powerhouse, raising over $650,000 in commissions in 2019 and investing in big projects in Spokane. With much of the country reeling from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, Aaron and Krista had their best month yet in March 2020. Putting themselves out there, being authentic and staying consistent, the tracks continue to ride despite everything going on in the world. We invite you to find out how they do it in this special article from our Market Leaders Summit held earlier this year.

Several Solutions

Just two years ago , Aaron and Krista never would have imagined. That they would be personally involved in multi-million dollar deals. Aaron flipped houses here and there casually and only saw himself buying a quad or two, not an 80-unit building. By building relationships. Both Aaron and Krista attribute their success to the relationships they were able to build. Do you see someone doing what you would like to do? Invite them over for coffee. The relationships you build can lead you to opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. By showcasing your true, authentic, and trustworthy personality, people will not only need to work with you, but they’ll want you on their team.

Bringing Humanity

El Salvador Phone Number List
El Salvador Phone Number List

As the industry shrinks, agents should be investors and investors should be agents. Aaron and Krista are the perfect examples. Build authority through your content You’ve heard me talk about stacking bricks, and it’s never been El Salvador Phone Number more important than right now. They say content is king and that couldn’t be truer. With crazy markets, now more than ever, you need to stand out as an authority in your area. By creating high-quality, high-value content, people will search for you rather than the other way around.

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