Google Analytics 4 Still Has A Lot

It is not just a new update or version. This means that you have to start collecting data all over again in this new version, because you cannot convert the data. The reason for Google to come up with a new version, and therefore also a completely new measurement method, is that Universal Analytics (GA3) no longer met all requirements and needs. A major disadvantage, for example, was that you could not follow the user across all devices, which is possible with GA4. This way you can see that a visitor has visited your website via Google Ads, later installed your app and then made a purchase via the app.

Analytics 4 Still Has A Lot

It is not possible to see such a customer journey in GA3. Such as the user ID and whether you are signed in with your Google account.The advantage of this last Singapore WhatsApp Number List option is that you continue to see the same goal in Google Ads, but only the goal that you import from GA4 is included in the bid optimizations within your campaigns. In addition, you can see in Google Ads what the differences are between the conversions from Universal Analytics and GA4. And these differences will certainly be there, because of the different measurement methods.

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4 Still Has A Lot

Keep in mind that no historical data is import from GA4. So from the moment you put the conversions from GA4 into Google Ads, you will see the data appear and the conversions before that date will not include in the Google Ads reports. Export reports from Universal Analytics If you want to make sure that you want to keep certain data from Universal Analytics, you can always export reports to a CSV, Excel or PDF file or to Google Sheets. Then you know for sure that you can continue to see the data from past years.

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