Habits of Successful Investors With Adam

It may seem counter-intuitive to me to talk about how to do business without having the internet, but one of our guests did just that. In 2017, Adam Johnson was able to complete 43 transactions without using the internet at all. I wanted Austria Phone Number Brent and Adam to be on the Carrot Cast again to share tips, habits, and what they do differently to be successful investors…finding and closing so many deals. Read the full show notes below… Be sure to subscribe to receive the CarrotCast every week! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Google PlaySubscribe on Spotify or, direct RSS feed link Brent and Adam buy and sell homes in Mississippi. They’ve done repairs and flips, purchases and reservations, wholesale deals, and creative financing for homeowners looking for solutions.

Successful Investors

Sticking to the fundamentals and keeping it simple have proven to be successful investors for Brent and Adam. Ultimately, everything they do comes down to creating real, meaningful, and useful conversations with home sellers. They want to learn everything they can about a situation so they can offer the most helpful solutions. Adam and Brent have been able to help so many people and are now sharing with others how they are doing it. With a thriving Facebook group, an awesome podcast, a book, and now even new software, they’re helping other investors simplify, avoid distractions, and close their deals. Simple methods When it comes to finding new leads, they stick to the basics.

Simple Software

Austria Phone Number List
Austria Phone Number List

When in doubt, drive for money. If you get 25 leads a week this way, if you stay diligent and practice good follow-up, you’ll land your first contract faster than you think. Simple software In 2017, Adam discovers the Internet. While this was a game-changer for finding and contacting leads, it also caused a lot of distraction from the end goal. Being online all day leads to distraction. Whether it’s the news, social media, or your inbox, the internet can easily distract you from the tasks you need to get done. In many cases, they found that they were wasting money on software they had never touched.

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