Guide to Negative Keywords for Real Estate

Nobody likes wasting money! Negative keywords are one of the most underused tools that PPC advertisers have at their fingertips. When used correctly, they can help you save budget for the best quality searches . For starters, we Belgium Phone Number want you to be up and running with your campaign quality right away, so we’ve added 100 negative keywords that you can include in your PPC accounts. This will prevent your ads from sticking around for words like “gta” and “paint”, which are sure to accompany certain keywords you’re bidding on. ️ Enter a FREE Negative Keyword List for Motivated Seller Accounts at the bottom of this article ️ Let’s say you’re an investor creating your first Google Ads campaign.

Real Estate Keywords

Negative keywords allow you to block search terms that you don’t want your ad to show for. Let’s look at the common types of negative keywords that can be added: no notation indicates broad match [brackets] represent an exact match keyword “quotes” represents a keyword in phrase matching You can add these negative keywords at the campaign and ad group level. Negative campaign-level items mean they won’t show in an ad group for any keyword. At the ad group level, you can set a particular negative keyword for a particular ad group. For the real estate industry, adding negative keywords at the campaign level is recommend. Let’s see how negative keywords are often used.

Strong Negative Keyword

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For the real estate industry, the more traditional use of negative keywords works well. For example, you’re looking to capture leads where people are looking to sell their house quickly without an agent, then you’ll want to block searches for “sell a house with an agent” and “find an agent to sell my house”. by adding “agent” to your list of negative keywords. *Tip* You should use Google’s search terms report to find new negative keywords. But beware, if you choose to add keywords using this method, Google defaults them to an exact match.

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