Growth Strategies on Instagram: Steps and Keys to Achieve It

Do you have a defined Instagram growth strategy ? Because one thing is to have Instagram and another is that the Instagram that we have meets your business objectives and the commercial objectives for which we have created the account. One thing is to post on Instagram , post a Reel, post Stories, post on the wall, and another is that what we are posting has a monetizable return for our brand. We are going to see in this article a series of simple steps to implement an effective Instagram strategy for our brand. Let’s see those steps. We start. Keys to a growth strategy on Instagram Goals on Instagram. First, define the goals that are in relation to your brand on Instagram.

What You Want to Achieve on Instagram

If you want to get more sales of your products in the store, you want to attract more followers, you want to increase traffic to certain web pages, what do you want with your Instagram account? What is the purpose for which you created that account? Review your strategy defined in the portugal phone number Social Media Plan and see on Instagram what you need so that all social and web networks meet those brand objectives. Also all other social networks have to meet clear and defined objectives that you have in the Social Media Plan, and Instagram should help with that fulfillment. See if the goals of Instagram are aligned with the general goals of your brand in social networks.

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The Objectives That You Can Put on Instagram

Are for example: 1- Increase branding or brand awareness, so that more people know you than you know now and that they enjoy, for example, the offers that you are launching the star products. 2- You can also increase or want to increase the interaction . That is, I am publishing but I have little interaction. My goal would be to increase that interaction so that my account gains notoriety within Instagram. 3- Another is to try to generate clicks from Instagram , either in the biography, or later through ads so that they go to my website to the specific pages that I am interested in knowing at all times, it may be that I share content that I have written in a blog, or I can put a link to a product that I just released.

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