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In November 2017, many SEO managers started noticing Google’s extended snippet length in search results. On December 1, 2017, Search Engine Land made the update official and Slovenia Phone Number wrote about Google updating its meta description length and increasing it to 320 characters, from the previous 165 characters. The 165 character limit has restricted content writers and marketers. For as long as anyone can remember writing a descriptive meta description of pages. However, after years, Google finally increased the character limit. Coupled with, Now writers can write a more elaborate meta description. For their pages and engage readers with richer and more substantial content information. According to a Google spokesperson, we recently made a change to provide more descriptive and helpful snippets. To help people better understand how pages are relevant to their searches.

Meta Description

Meta description tags are the snippets that are used to summarize the content of a page on search engines. With Rank Brain’s smart ranking, web crawlers crawl content with higher relevance and the meta description proves helpful in substantiating the relevance of the page. Major SEO service providers also believe that adding the meta description, along with the targeted keywords, can have a positive impact on the SERP ranking of the site. More than SEO, meta descriptions are beneficial for increasing click-through rate. Meta description: importance in SEO Knowing the magic of the meta description is essential for improving search engine visibility and getting even more clicks. Writing informative meta descriptions made up of the relevant keywords can help gain more visibility and chances of being clicked.

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Slovenia Phone Number List

Meta description keywords appear in bold and help search crawlers and readers. Easily identify the keywords targeted by the page content. Increasing the meta description length would help content marketers and SEO managers. Write SEO-friendly meta descriptions for search engine optimization. A meta description, with informative content showing the gist of the content in limited characters, is, without a doubt, one of the 5 ways to get more clicks from higher ranking sites than you. With the increased character limit for the meta description, marketers have a better chance of including a rich, more descriptive meta description to show the relevance of their content.

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