Generate More Leads by Starting With Your Audience

Tips from the world’s best copywriters that will make your real estate copywriting stand out from the crowd. Hordes of people left and right are now jostling between you and trying to reach the same sellers – all shouting the same thing Argentina Phone Number at the top of their lungs: “I can buy your house fast for cash!!!” With more options on the table for sellers and more investors on the scene, our efforts are becoming increasingly difficult. So what do we do in this crowded market where our prospects know our message well? The answer is right in your market. There are a plethora of tips on how to stand out from the crowd. But in this article, I turn to the editorial giants for help.

Rei Marketing

If you Google “real estate investor direct mail,” you’ll get loads of articles and forum tips on how to get started with direct mail (DM). But who in the right mind would read every one of those Bigger Pocket articles and forum threads? This guy did When I first got into direct mail (before I knew about copywriting and direct response), I implemented all the advice I gathered from the forums. I even used a famous trainer’s DM method exactly as he recommended.

Real Estate Investors Say

Argentina Phone Number List
Argentina Phone Number List

The results? After tens of thousands of dollars spent and hundreds of calls, I got ZERO offers, and maybe two motivated sellers…and yes, I followed relentlessly and yes, I mailed for 7 month. But I was not alone in this case. I asked many investors in my area and quickly discovered that the volume to get consistent trades in my area is huge and very few are successful. What was the problem? Fast forward to today, being now a young schooled copywriter, following the masters of the past and putting my knowledge to the test with Carrot as a professional copywriter, I realized one important thing.

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