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The name of the link row that shows your location on the website. Breadcrumbs, known as breadcrumb paths, display paths that show where you are in the site structure. An example of a breadcrumb path is – Homepage / SEO Services / SEO (Search Engine Optimization). C Cache – A snapshot of a web page that search engines create after indexing a page to reduce page load time. Canonical – A tag that tells search engines that a specific URL is the master copy of a page, this helps prevent issues like duplicate content on the site if there are Canada Phone Number similar pages. Read more: How to use canonical tags correctly CTR – The ratio of the number of people who clicked on a particular link to the total number of users who visited the page.

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It allows search engines to collect data from the internet. Read more: 15 Ways to Optimize Your SEO Crawl Budget Content Management System (CMS) – A content management system is a software program that allows you to Canada Phone Number website content. Most modern websites have a content management system that allows users to make changes to different elements of their website. Conversions – Conversions are the measurement and recording of specific activity on your website. In Google, Analytics conversions are called goals and can be set up to measure queries, visitor duration, visits to specific pages, sales, or other metrics. Conversion Rate.

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Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete a specific task or convert on your website. Knowing your conversion rate will allow you to predict. The number of sales and leads your website is likely to generate. Conversion Rate Optimization – Conversion rate optimization can help you increase conversion rates on your website and ultimately boost sales. Read more: Five ways to increase website conversions D Deep Links. This is a measure of the success of an ad campaign. Crawl – Also known as ” crawling “. When a search engine sends a bot to a web page and “reads” it.

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