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Nowadays. Instagram is one of the biggest and best platforms for creating digital content. This social network not only has an active base of more than 400 million monthly users. But also offers many opportunities for brands to increase recognition and engagement with their different audiences. In this article we are going to give you some tips for your company to practice a super effective instagram marketing. And consequently.

Have a successful presence on VP Engineering Email Lists this social network. 1. Use high quality images instagram is an extremely visual platform. So captivating images will stand out. What does that mean in practical terms? Publish high resolution. Impactful images. The first step you should take to ensure the quality of your photos on instagram is to check the size of the chosen image. Instagram allows posts in three formats. Square (1800×1800 pixels). Landscape (1080×566 pixels) and portrait (1080×1350 pixels). Like the resolution of the images. Their aspect ratio is also very important as not respecting these measures will result in automatic cuts to your visual content.

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There are several tools that professionals use to create the perfect look for instagram. Such as picsart (free and can be used on desktop – or you can download the app to your phone ). In addition of course. To more advanced programs like the adobe suite. These filters should be used to help correct focus. Saturation. Exposure. Contrast and sharpness – not to change the basis of the photo itself. 2. Utilize stories instagram stories are different from posts because they appear in a “slideshow” format. They are only active for 24 hours and can be stored and reused later.

VP Engineering Email Lists

The advantages of using stories are numerous. For starters. Stories are displayed at the top of each follower’s homepage. Which brings great visibility. Another benefit is the fact that there are certain types of content that do not justify the publication of a post but are relevant to share with customers and partners. In this case. Stories are the ideal solution. Needless to say. Betting on this instagram feature will increase your interaction and engagement with customers and partners.

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Stories can also be grouped and organized into different categories and “pinned” to your company’s instagram profile. This is called highlights. Highlights are a great way to provide easy access to your most important content. Both stories and highlights are essential practices to take your instagram marketing to the next level. 3. Use content from your customers and partners if you have customers. Partners and employees who post photos on instagram about your brand/services/activity.

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