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Data processing will be organized differently. Several options are currently being worked on. One of those options is server-side tagging , which we’ll explore further below. This just might become the new standard. 3. The Importance of Server Side Tagging The need for more privacy protections in digital marketing ensures that the market is in flux. This with a view to the future, because it is expected that in a while the traditional browser tags will be a thing of the past. Now I hear you thinking, what exactly is server-side tagging?

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Instead of a piece of code being loaded in the browser (which is often no longer possible and therefore no longer in Google Chrome by the end of 2023), this is done on a separate server that then forwards it to a Jordan WhatsApp Number List third party such as Google. analytics. Schematic image of Google Analytics. Source: Google. Meta (the Facebook family) already took a step last year with the introduction of the so-called Conversion API, which somewhat ‘forces’ brands to enable server-side tagging. Don’t you? No problem. Advertising will still be possible, but your conversion campaigns will perform less well and your CPM will fly up! And if Meta takes the first step, the rest will follow. Google knows how to respond well to server-side tagging, by touting their Google Cloud Platform as the solution.

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For a few tens a month you rent a server where you can manage your own tags. It will be a challenge for brands to set up this new tagging infrastructure. For many SME webshops, a free plug-in is often sufficient, such as PixelYourSite. But for the large corporates, the challenge is greater and having their own server under management will become a serious consideration. Is your brand ready yet? In the article by Anneloes Meijers from September 2021 you can read exactly what the advantages are of server-side tagging . 4. Videos: less is more?!

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