Free List of 19 Content Ideas for Investors

Josh Culler is a marketing professional who uses video to help real estate investors connect with their target market. As an expert in video Afghanistan Phone Number content marketing, he has developed several hacks to get the job done easier and with finesse. Don’t let the fear of being in front of the camera keep you from using video. Josh will share with you his tips to show you exactly how to get out of those fears so you can better connect with your audience. I’m super excited to sit down with Josh. I have seen his videos and am more than impressed with what he is able to do for investors. People who never thought they would make videos for their business are now at the forefront, churning out high-quality content like you wouldn’t believe.

Answer the Questions

As an investor, you probably hear owner questions all the time. Your content can answer questions about your product, service, or industry. Why should I sell directly? What is the difference between you and an agent? How long will it take? Answering these questions creates great content. These are things people ask themselves and you build your credibility and authority by being the person with the answers. The content will be keyword-laden and naturally primed for optimization. Think back to your past transactions and tell the story of what happened. How did the situation unfold? How were you able to help the owner?

Publish Everywhere

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Afghanistan Phone Number List

Use varied stories that highlight specific situations such as an inheritance, avoiding foreclosure, or selling a dilapidated house. Tell a story with your video and your audience will be hooked. Although what you are doing may seem very simple, owners may not know what to expect. Film yourself visiting a property or running competitions. Show people who you are, what you do and how it all works. Even something that seems very basic to you, maybe something your potential customer was wondering but too afraid to ask. Josh has found that when it comes to video marketing, people either get too involved or they don’t get enough. They’ll buy a $300 mic, a green screen, and edit their videos way more than they should.

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