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Social selling x social media marketing a very common mistake by companies is to confuse what is social selling and social media marketing. Content marketing. Shared on social networks. Is something done through company channels. Social selling is an action carried out by team members on their personal channels. That is. It is when one of your salespeople shares content regarding the sales universe. As a way of contributing to the success of your audience.

Something that can Communication Directors Email Lists consequently become a future sale. It is important to note that it is interesting for employees to use and share the content published on the b2b company’s channel as a way of initiating an interaction. However. Social selling has as its main focus generating a discussion on the subject. Creating a dialogue and initiating/nurturing a relationship between the interlocutors. Why can b2b companies benefit from social selling? One of the major consequences of digital transformation is the change in consumer behavior. And.

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This revolution is not exclusive to the b2c market. There are many benefits that social selling can bring to b2b companies. Decreased cold calls cold calls have been part of the reality of b2b sellers for many decades. However. Getting in touch with potential customers in a “cold” way to offer a product/service is no longer an efficient strategy for b2b companies . Therefore. Instead of dedicating hours to making calls that do not return. Your company’s salesperson can dedicate a few hours a day to social networks. Generating greater interaction and increasing the possibilities of bringing in new customers. In other words.

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Better use of working hours and better results for the company. Alignment with new consumer behavior as we always point out. It is very important to understand that behind the purchase/sale operations. There are individuals who are decision makers and who want to bring the facilities of technologies to everyday work. This means that b2b customers are increasingly well informed. Advancing in the purchase process long before they have their first contact with a seller . For example. In this way. It is up to the marketing and sales teams of b2b companies to understand how to use the new resources to attract more customers. Increase sales and retention.

Social selling is one of

The resources that can be integrated into strategies and bring many benefits to organizations. International expansion entering a new market was an extremely laborious and costly mission for b2b companies. Social selling actions allow companies to test their potential and possibilities in foreign markets. By creating content and interacting with audiences from different countries. Sellers and marketers have the opportunity to recognize the space for b2b companies in new markets. Social selling for b2b companies is still something new.

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